Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Jennifer Aniston of Olives

I was so funny at dinner tonight. Do you want to hear what I said? Are you ready? We were eating olives, mixed olives. I picked one up and said:
"This is like the Jennifer Aniston of olives - no pit."
Get it? Get it? No pit. No Pitt. Oh, snap! That shite is hilarious. Whew! The Jennifer Aniston of olives... I slay me.


  1. Amanda12:01 AM

    It's good somebody thought it was funny, sweetie...

  2. Snap indeed.

    Incidentally, I had the Mel Gibson of continental breakfasts the other day - no juice.

  3. Wow, we've just invented an entirely new type of comedy, Horrible Celebrity/Food humor. Soon there will be Horrible Celebrity/Food Comedians. They will be even more loathed than Prop Comics. But mark my words, they will exist. And it all started right here.

    I'm so proud.

  4. Slimbo, you've been cutting edge for a while now, but this is another quantum leap in your ever-evolving bag-o'-tricks. Who would have thought that a new genre of stand up would come from a lowly pitless olive? It all goes to show that looking through a hollow olive can bring new untold things into being. It's all good, non?