Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Oscar by Any Other Name...

Louise has a favorite stuffed animal, Oscar. He's a floppy-eared dog, and she's had him since she was born.* Now, however, Louise has decided that Oscar isn't a he but a she, and her name is "Rose." To complete this transformation, she's bound Oscar/Rose's ears together on top of his/her head in a sort of ponytail topknot using a little hair scrunchy affixed with a white, artificial rose.

Of course, Oscar/Rose's anatomy is appropriately ambiguous, and there are no X or Y chromosomes to tip the scale either way, but I've known him/her a long time, and I'm habituated. In my mind, he is and always will be a he. Rose looks, to me, not like a lady-pup, but like a dog in drag, a stuffed animal transvestite. And not a particularly successful one at that.

But if that's what makes Rose happy, then I'm happy for her, and I will always support whatever lifestyle she chooses.

* Thanks, Hilary.


  1. what? No picture? :)

  2. I think you should pray for Oscar and get him into counselling!! He couldn't be happy like this.

  3. Hilary.9:10 AM

    I am completely supporting Louise's -er, Oscar's choice. Rose's.
    Rock on.

  4. I was going to say something about hoo-ha, but I think I'll let it pass.

    Speaking of which, that Slimbidyad has in fact been achieved.

  5. Hoo-ha-hooray! Let's bust out the champagne.

  6. Glad to see she put my birthday present to her to good use: bringing out the true self of Rose.

  7. Probably wasn't quite what you had in mind, but hey...

  8. Penelope_CA11:19 PM

    oddly enough there is a UK site for tranvestites called Rose's Forum!