Friday, September 01, 2006

Maps I Would Like to See: Everything From the Last Year of the Times-Picayune

In the past year, the T-P has produced some truly excellent maps (and interactive graphics) depicting all aspects of the city's devastation and recovery in the wake of the storm. I would have clipped them all out myself, but there's no more room on my refrigerator.

I would love to see a book compiling them all together. Can somebody make that happen?


  1. I'll buy that one, too. Sign me up.

    Also, I'm trying to research "plans" (in image form) for the city, from the wise to the wise-ass. Got any pointers?

  2. P.S. I'm already here waiting in Brad Pitt's bushes, so I've got that angle covered...

  3. The only one I can point you to right away is the now defunct Big Green Dot plan from back in January. And wasn't there that exhibit somewhere or other a while back where various artsy architect-types gave their visions of the future of the city. There was an article in the T-P with a big "artists depiction" of some snotty out-of-towner's tongue-in-cheek vision of a city of tethered cubes floating on the surface of the water.

    As for Brad Pitt, keep us posted. I was anxious about the future of the city until I learned that he was on the job.

  4. Justin10:36 AM

    Tethered cubes floating on top of the water
    -that's the Brangelina plan for "interacting" with the world, right?

  5. Do you know where the green dot plan is online?

  6. The map is here:

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Great Idea. There are also some pretty cool maps at:

    Lots of data.

    Howie Luvzus

  8. That's a good link. Thank you.

  9. Funny, I've clipped a bunch of maps from the TP over the past year thinking they'd make a good collage.