Sunday, December 17, 2006

The McGinnys

Sarah and I played Gin the other night. We decided that, for score-keeping purposes, we need proper Gin-playing names. Sarah was Roxie. I was Stan. I thought those were pretty good.

What's your Gin-playing name?


  1. Ooh -I love the name Starla (while playing Gin and wearing pink polyester and drinking highballs)

    I also like Dottie, Val, and Maurice.

  2. Just call me Ralph. I always lose at games & Ralph sounds like a loser (with apologies to any winning Ralphs out there!)

  3. penelope_CA9:13 AM

    adopting gin names sounds like what my friends and I do when we go bowling. I am Marge and there's also Stan, Cindee (the double e's are key) and Harvey.

    The wearing of loud polyester clothing is encouraged to complete the vibe.