Monday, February 12, 2007

Muffaletta Raconteur

Surprise, surprise! In the interest of making things over-complicated, let's actually do this thing all official-like. (I know we said there would be no rules, but precisely because we said there would be no rules, making rules is the unruliest thing we could do. Tricky, huh? We're the Outback Steakhouse of the blogosphere.)

The challengers have been submitted. Place your vote:
  1. nabob
  2. pizza
  3. kumquat
  4. muffaletta
  5. raconteur
  6. sizzle
  7. kerfuffle
  8. squelch
  9. callipygian
  10. schadenfreude
  11. serendipities
  12. eleemosynary
  13. dork
In the event of a tie, the finalists will battle to the death in a pendulum pit filled with Wesson oil.


  1. And I'm going with "squelch", by the way.

  2. My choice has to be "nabob." "Eleemosynary" is a lot of fun to say, but who wants to think about almshouses? As for "callipygian" - that's naughty!

  3. Frederika5:14 PM


  4. What? No Battle Royale?

    I vote for "szxcwdo" (if it's "word verification", it must be a word!)

  5. We're making this up as we go. I'm thinking a sort of augmented or Extreme Battle Royale. Two words duking it out is quite nice, but thirteen is awesome! The last word standing then goes on to battle a fresh batch of contenders. Or maybe a lion. Or some Christians. We'll see.

  6. Since I am a rather simple person(and I don't know what some of those other fancy words mean), I will choose the simplest word--dork. It has such a nice ring to it and is quite expressive!

  7. I stand by squelch. As a transitive verb or a sound effect.

  8. If a pendulum pit-wesson oil battle is necessary, will Zena be the referee?

  9. In that case I'm with squelch as well. I don't trust those foreign-sounding words.

  10. Marco8:10 AM

    For the next round, how about rictus?