Friday, February 23, 2007

Slim-Pensées: You Are What You Feet

Because I have a sinful love of erudite pretension, I think (maybe) I'll start a series of pensées, little aphoristic scraps of this and that—and whatnot and the other—to share with you, the unfortunate reader. Here's one:
The shoes are the measure of the man. (Corollary: The lady-shoes are the measure of the lady.)
Proceed as you see fit.

I'm unambiguously a pair of size-eleven low-top black Chucks. What are you?


  1. Oh now, you know what they say about the size of a man's feet...


  2. For shame!

    (And I'm trying to figure out how that would apply to our corollary. Hmm...)

  3. Be careful not to conflate the shoes one would wear with the shoes one would be, were one a pair of shoes.

  4. Conflate we shall not, though in my case they are one and the same.

    Ayatollah of Ethics-ola in the HOU-uuuuuse!

  5. Not my pensee, but an ancillary note to yours:

    "A bird who tries to fly higher
    Flies into the blue
    A lady who strives to rise higher
    She wears a high heel shoe"

    Call of the Wild David Byrne

    Your word verify is blinding me!