Tuesday, July 10, 2007

...of Two "Municipal"* Weevils

a) Chicago (the band)

b) Boston (the band)
Place your vote.

* Would their entire oeuvres make the playlist?


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM


  2. I liked the first Chicago double album up to a point. I never listened to their stuff again. Boston is only good for its eats. I remembering listening to the first Boston album and falling asleep. So, I guess Boston gets my vote.

  3. Wait, is a vote for the better or the worse?

    I find every line ever sung by Peter Cetera totally revolting, and will vote for Boston.

  4. The lesser of two weevils. (Which is to say, the better. Such as it is.)

  5. Oops! Then it's Chicago. It must be the humidity such as it is.

  6. joshua1:58 PM

    boston, because i don't think they ever used like clarinets and mouth harps and shit like that.

  7. Chicago, because "I've Been Searching (For So Long)" has the hunger for wisdom I crave in 70s rock. Boston's "More Than A Feeling" may seem profound, but answer me this: if it's not a feeling, what *is* it?

    Speaking of the hunger for wisdom, how about Kansas, or America?

  8. to me, both are unlistenable. but boston's leader and guitarist tom scholz is an MIT engineering genius: invented the wireless guitar rig, and designed all the light displays for boston's stadium shows himself.

    so boston. too few genuine mad scientists in rock.