Sunday, August 12, 2007

Drawings-of-Stuff-Around-the-House-I-Feel-Like-Drawing: My Gas Mask

I'm starting a new series, Drawings-of-Stuff-Around-the-House-I-Feel-Like-Drawing. It is (as you might imagine) a series of drawings of stuff around the house I feel like drawing. First up, my gas mask:

It was bequeathed to me at a time when I was spending much of each day amid freakishly high toxic-mold spore-concentrations. Now it hangs on the back of the study door, serving as a quiet reminder of that (thankfully) bygone era. And as a means of amusing/frightening children.*

Note: The dangling tube is designed to screw into one's canteen for toxin-free drinking. It also works as a cocktail straw.

* I do parties—Anthrax the Terror Clown and His Balloon Animals of Doom. Very reasonable rates.


  1. how much for an hour of Anthrax the Terror Clown? (perhaps Friends and Family Discount?) I'm planning an event for some out-of-towners and I think you would be a hit!

  2. Ooh ooh ooh, I've got a caption!

    Oh, wait, sorry, wrong series.

  3. All series are One.

  4. Did Big Bill give you that one? I gave it to a kid who made it into a D. Vader mask. And that is why I gave it to him.