Thursday, December 06, 2007

Charmed, I'm Sure

I walked into the men's room:
Voice from the stall: "Hello?"

Me: Um.*

Voice from the stall: "Hello?"

Me: Um.

Voice from the stall: "Hey, Tom, this is..."
Cellphones are confusing.**

* Is he talking to me? Is he in trouble? Maybe it's a medical emergency. Or maybe he needs toilet paper (in which case I'd rather not get involved, though I suppose...). Or maybe he's getting all Larry Craig on me. But in the work bathroom? Or...

** Loud cellphone conversations in public restroom stalls are gross. (Isn't that what texting is for?)


  1. But the texting can get messy ;)
    One of my old coworkers was always having cell phone conversations in the toilet stall. It was very disconcerting.

  2. If the poor talking head did need toilet paper, you could have at least thrown him a roll over the top of the stall. Then make a quick exit.
    Blogger sucks. It's always changing the damned identity qualifier.

  3. I usually just flush something and hope the guy will get the point.

    She thinks some people do it a work because some offices don't allow people to make personal calls on their cells.