Wednesday, March 31, 2010

(Super) Sunday Afternoon: Wheels, a Fancy Hat, More Wheels, and Some Feathers

Motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle.

It really is a very fancy hat, isn't it?

Suddenly, these motor-tricycles are everywhere, the new head-turning wheeled contraption of the moment.

Boston Baked Beans, another example of the snack food brand custom car trend. (They were out in force: Lay's potato chips, Big Shot soda, etc., etc.) He was very proud and stopped so I could get a good picture.

Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. Every weekend, these guys play bicycle polo on the neglected tennis courts at Washington and La Salle. And they were doing it again in the midst of the Super Sunday revelry and noise. (And talk about noise, that's a lot of cars with really loud stereos. Big Freedia was the favorite musical selection.)

Young second liner, going home for the day.

26 inches all day. (I'm glad those aren't just part-time 26 inchers.) This is the latest plateau in the ongoing rim inflation. A few years ago, 22s were considered brag-worthy, but they were surpassed by 24s. And now, if you're not riding on 26 inch rims, well...

Indian, going home for the day

Motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle...

When Indians get casual, they need a whole lot of room. This spread of laid-down feathers stretched twenty-plus feet across. (And there were plenty more patches like it, all around the perimeter of the park where all the Indians gathered at the end the day, to lose the heavy gear and drink a beer.)

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