Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sunset Sky

Dang, lovely spring weather, making me spend all my time outside, all busy-like, doing all sorts of fun yard-ish things, instead of remaining inside, diligently attending to my blog. Anyway, here's a picture! A pretty sunset. I hope you like it. There will be all sorts of photos (spring-ish, yard-ish, and other-ish) coming your way soon. Stay tuned. Woot!


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Weird! I think I saw this very scene -- extremely dark cloud hovering low with some white wisps a bit further beyond and a diagonal sporting across them.

    We do have a lot of beauts here don't we :-)

  2. Sometimes I think it is amazing that someone can make those darn wires look good. Enjoy the great spring weather!

  3. I'm pretty much obsessed with those wires. Though I may be in the minority, I tend to think they're rather lovely