Friday, February 25, 2005

This Blog Is Your Blog

Remember those crappy TV shows which were always running out of ideas for material and would get viewers to write in suggestions. Well this blog is like a crappy TV show, except it's a blog. So we're asking you, the esteemed reader, to vote for your choice of blogging material. The options are as follows:

- How terrible Navy maternity uniforms are.
- Fox News says the darnedest things.
- Blog-ology.
- Herbert Muschamp.
- People like Herbert Muschamp.
- What I think about what other people wear.
- What I think about how other people groom themselves.
- Why I like drawing.
- My favorite food.
- Kids say the darnedest things.
- How much I like coffee.
- Chickens.
- Eggs.
- More coffee.
- Still more coffee.
- Celebrities are so funny.
- Plastic surgery is so funny.
- Eric Clapton, and why I don't like his music.
- Why sincere songs so often suck.
- Why sincere songs by Eric Clapton so often suck.
- Why indie music makes me sleepy.
- A funny thing happened on the way to New Mexico.
- Architecture, what's up with that?
- Uptown mamas.
- Yogis are so funny.
- Pleats.
- Sports, what's up with that?
- Martinis.
- Old-fashions.
- Beverages in general.
- Making beverages.
- The weirdest drink I ever made.
- The most obscure drink I ever made.
- Other.

Of course, since only three people ever even look at this thing and only one of you seems to have figured out how to use the Comments functionality, I don't necessarily expect this experiment to go very well. Undoubtedly the stunning absence of response will force me to post votes under various pseudonyms, thus saving myself from painful embarassment.



  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Let's talk about grooming!

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I know this is not in the running, but just the other day I was thinking about the odd collection of people living in our apartment building in Brooklyn. Johnny, Inspector Gadget, the fire, etc...
    But, from this list, I choose Navy maternity uniforms. I'm guessing they've got to be pretty bad.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    These topics are fine. But I have been trying-- by means of snotty comments-- to provoke more traditionally bloggy material from you. Where are the take-downs? The denunciations? The 'fisking'? Ok, the Fox news stuff, that's going in the right direction. Explaining why Clapton sucks, also a great idea. I enjoy reading about things other people really hate, hate more than anyone else does, things it's never occurred to me to hate myself.

    On the other hand, I would like to know the strangest drink you ever made.

  4. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Since I am your mother this probably only counts as onw half of a comment. And since I think almost everything you do and say is wonderful, I would like to choose everything on your list. However, I realize this blog is your blog and, therefore will limit my choices to a select few. I want to knwo why I should know about Herbert Muschamp and, pray tell, what was the funny thing that happened on the way to New Mexico?

  5. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Uptown mamas, needless to say.

    A friend of ours here in Baltimore (who doesn't have a blog, so this isn't material theft) the other day in the parking lot of the Shoppers, sitting in her car, collecting herself before going into the store, sees out of the corner of her eye a large vehicle pull into the space kitty-corner to her. She's thinking something like "Oh, great, some idiot in a big SUV..." Looking up, she sees the biggest, blackest Rolls Royce. Out steps the biggest, blackest, baddest man ever. Wearing a fur coat. And New Balances. The license plate?


  6. If there's anything you can tell me about martinis that I don't already know, I want to hear it!

  7. Anonymous10:44 PM

    This Clapton 'worship' thing has gone on long enough. I was listening to Clapton play "Little Wing" from the 1973 Rainbow concert and he was terrible. I like the songs, but I am so tired of people saying how great he is, HE IS NOT. He is not a 'Has Been' because he 'never was' (anything special).

    Listening to his music is like pounding your head against the wall, it feels so great when it stops.