Monday, April 04, 2005


Up to this point I've mostly tried to take the high road and avoid the whiny, vitriolic navel-gazing which characterizes too many blogs. But I'm worried that maybe I'm actually just missing out on all of the fun, so here goes:

This guy Fred totally butt in front of me to get coffee this morning. It was so obnoxious! He's not even from this floor and he comes up here and acts like he owns the place like he's better than everybody. Maybe I'm projecting but I'm pretty sure I'm not. And that stupid little mustache is definitely not cool! Doesn't he realize that nobody up here even likes him and if he comes here and acts obnoxious he's just going to alienate everybody even more. If he's ever rude to me again I'm definitely going to say something.

Ooh, I like it! OK, none of it actually happened, but does it really matter? From now on this blog will be entirely devoted to angry rants about fictional offenses committed by non-existent individuals. Yee-haw!

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