Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Did Carol Channing Just Visit My Blog?

I'm very sleepy right now and am in a vague through-the-looking-glass daze. I need your help. Please go to the comments section for Carol Channing vs. Turkey Pot Pie and explain to me, is the person who posted under the name "Carol Channing":

a) Carol Channing?
b) A crazy person who thinks he/she is Carol Channing?
c) A person with a strange and obtuse sense of humor?
d) Other?

Place your vote.

Note: Be sure to click on "Carol's" link to visit his/her blog. I'm not sure it will add clarity, but it will certainly add interest.


  1. In last night's stupor it simply did not occur to me that the poster could be a different person from the bizarro-blogger, but in the clear light of morning this seems both possible and probable. Given these considerations I vote:

    c) A person with a strange and obtuse (and very funny) sense of humor.

    But who is the jokester ("John", is this your handiwork?), and how did the jokester find the bizarro blog, and who the hell wrote that thing? Still so many questions.

  2. Billy confesses (I think - this whole thing has me feeling very muddled):

    I did some Carol Channing research to divine the meaning of pitting her against a chicken pot pie (or Keanu Reeves). I am still not sure what you are up to. However, I did enjoy the little movie of her on a bi-plane on this website:

    Additionally, I think that we have to pity the woman. She only had sex once in her 41 year marriage.


    But Billy, you rascal, I still need more information! How did you find this specific blog? And what in heaven's name is it?

    Also, although I am truly sorry about Carol's limited sex life, it is still (one would hope) more action than the turkey pot pie got.