Sunday, May 08, 2005

Channing Revealed!

Hilary is my new god. I bow down before her like a golden idol, and I like it. The mystery is solved. She has revealed herself as the true Carol Channing bizarro-blogger (so I now realize I completely misunderstood Billy). The fact that the aforementioned bizarro-blog is a product of artifice built solely for the purpose of a strange and confusing joke actually only makes me love it more. Allow me to savor the details:
  • The freakazoid profile pic.
  • The wacked-out "About Me" blurb.
  • Carol Channing plays baseball - depicted in yarn?!
  • The lengthy religious tracts (snagged from Thomas Paine, I'm informed) - so right, somehow.
  • The puzzling title.
  • "Marry the Mole", what the frick?!
  • The backdating of the the posts.
  • And my favorite detail, the deliciously odd "Hello Dolly" links, each hinting at a new horizon of bizarre delights.

I'm really not sure anyone else finds this whole thing quite as funny as I do. Actually I have a vague sense that Hilary and I are like those kids in the corner of the lunchroom laughing until we snort milk out our noses while the rest of you flick green beans at us, but that's O.K. We can handle it.

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  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Aw, shucks. I've never been so proud of being wierd in my life!