Friday, May 20, 2005

Chicken Fried Yoga

Last night I had yoga class. Before hand, I'd taken a bath and was all scrubby-fresh, but, unfortunately, I made the mistake of wearing the same t-shirt I'd worn during dinner. Dinner was chicken fried steak which was quite delicious, but the frying of the steak created a giant grease cloud which permeated everything it came in contact with. When I arrived at yoga I noticed a slight but inconsequential hint of the smell. However, as class went on and I warmed up the little chicken fried flavor molecules unleashed themselves, and by the end of class I was stretching and bending in my own personal cloud of batter fried goodness.

Embarrassing? Maybe a little. Conducive to the harmonious unison of mind and body? Absolutely! Mmm, santosha-licious.

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