Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cowboys and Indians

Victor Olivier

My grandfather was an avid (and talented) amateur photographer. I have boxes full of his old negatives, a remarkable trove. Some are quite beautiful. Others are just fascinating as a record of a different era. For a long time I haven't had access to a darkroom, and they've mostly just been sitting in storage. But now I've got a scanner and it's time to share.

The other night I began flipping through them. There are hundreds and hundreds, but I just pulled a couple which caught my eye. This is the first one (I plan to post more). It's a little blurry (I'm not sure if that's the scan or the original), but I love it. I think Tonto is my father. Dad, can you confirm?

Update: Yes, it is.

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  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    This is such a great photo! It reminds me a lot of Edwardian photography, like Lewis Carroll's and all.

    Also, I just can't stop chuckling about the Lone Ranger's conservative two-pocket cardigan, which would probably come in very handy on those cold nights spent on the Western plains. These boys are both charming and practical.