Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hair I Work With

Related to previous subjects of inquiry, I now present an initial taxonomy of the hair I work with:

The BuzzThe Engineer

Popular with military and ex-military types.A.k.a. "The Republican". The most popular men's do. A straight, standard guy cut.
The Mini-MulletWhole-Lotta-Hair

Favored by good ol' boys (and often worn in conjunction with The Southerner). Was quite popular two decades ago, but its habitat has dwindled in recent years.Bountiful and architectural, it requires an extensive use of hairspray. Mostly worn by females, but also found on one male coworker (who also has a Neat 'N Tidy and wears double-breasted suits with floral ties).

Once again, this is merely a work in progress, and we have only scratched the surface. The world of hair is a marvelous and mysterious place. We can never hope to fully understand it in all of its magnificence, but we must start somewhere.

Billy has rightly pointed out that The Buzz, while popular with the military set, is also big with the gay crowd. There are a lot more examples of the former than the latter at my current location, but the one obviously gay coworker does, in fact, sport a flat-top fade buzz cut.

Billy adds that his own barber, who is an old-school type and is quite expert at the flat-top buzz, does big business with both police officers and gay men. That's a curious market niche to be in.

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