Friday, May 27, 2005

Know the Power

So last night on the spur of the moment I actually did go see the new Star Wars (by myself, I should add). Athough it was far from perfect* my inner six year-old thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps a little too much. At bed time, while I was still prancing around the bedroom in my underwear making lightsaber noises, Sarah quietly warned me, "David, beware of the Dork Side".

Indeed I will. The Dork Side is tempting and powerful, but what it offers is an illusion. We must always be vigilant to guard ourselves from it's lure. Thank you, Sarah.

* When the introduction scrolled up the screen I thrilled with excitement and nearly teared up. That feeling ended as soon as the actors started talking. I thoroughly enjoyed the escapist fantasy: the fight scenes, the other worlds, all of that was great. But, man, the acting stunk (at least most of it)! It was like watching a weak high shool drama dumped in the middle of a megamillion dollar production ("Ok, Anakin. Glower a little more... a little more... no, no, too glowery... perfect, roll camera!"). Lucas should stick to what he's good at, the whiz-bang-wow, and hire a sub-contracting director to deal with the actual talkie-talk.**

** Yes, I am getting a little heavy-handed with the footnotes. It will settle down soon.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    point for sarah

  2. Footnotes are great! More, svp!

  3. And don't forget the best line of the movie, delivered with unflinching honesty by Natalie P. "hold you did on Naboo..."

    Much laughing out loud followed.