Friday, May 20, 2005

Kute, Kuddly, Killer Kitties

Hot tip from our Super-Secret-Slimbo-Sleuth (I'll call her "Beth"). Thieving bastards have stolen my Battle Royale concept (cause, ya know, I'm the only person ever to do it) and have turned it into a lucrative media empire:

It's competing photos of kittens. You vote for the cutest. If you luv all things cute and cuddly, you'll luvvy-luv-luv this site. Of course, that's only the free version. Paying members get to see actual live video of the adorable critters battling to the death (just kidding - that would be mean).

The funniest part of the site, though, is the Losingest Kittens section. Remarkably, darling little "Cotton" (pictured here):

is only the eighth most losingest cat. Go figure.

As always, to become a Slimboperative, simply wear this secret disguise and send your hot tips about nothing in particular to

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Poor Cotton!! I need to take him home to Poplar Branch Farm cat shelter and take care of him. In a few weeks he would look a lot better and move out of the "losingist cat section".