Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Clothes for Dolly

Speaking of Pointless Ephemera, I found this between 2 records in an old stack of 78s (more on that later), and I'm posting it just because it makes me laugh (ooh, and it would make a good "Hello Dolly" link!).

My favorite is the one with the glasses and the Wonder-Woman-esque cape ensemble (click image for larger version). Also, how old are these dolls supposed to be? On the one hand they're decidedly girlish, but on the other hand they have "mature" figures. Ick!

And let's not neglect the flipside of the page:

"That special couple", indeed. Why don't I have an apron with a detachable pot holder (I also wouldn't say no to the second set with the nifty "fish appliques")? Sarah, can you look into this?

This also gives me an opportunity to mention my favorite new pointless website:

It's regular postings of old sewing patterns with catty commentary, and it's very funny.

Warning: Excessive exposure to old sewing patterns with catty commentary may turn you gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay... because there isn't... It was just a joke... Oh, nevermind.

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