Thursday, June 30, 2005

Chef's Surprise

When I was a kid, my mom packed my lunch. They were generally good, healthy, and utterly respectable. There were, however, two notable exceptions:
  1. A banana-mayonnaise sandwich: My mom and I don't see eye-to-eye on this one, but in my book it's a decidedly funky combo. I didn't bother to examine it before digging in, and the first bite was quite a shock. Sorry, Mom.
  2. A syringe: No, my mom is not a junkie. We raised sheep, and regularly bought syringes from the farm co-op for administering their meds. She was being thrifty, reusing one of the co-op bags, and the last syringe had simply been overlooked. Nonetheless, it caused some alarm and confusion when I discovered it at school sitting in the midst of my classmates.

What's the strangest thing you ever got in your lunch?


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Slimbolala, be grateful your lunch did not consist of a big, juicy onion and mayo sandwich like my mother used to eat. As for the syringe we were probably tired of paying for you to go to that fancy school and were secretly hoping you would get expelled if you came to school with drug paraphenelia!!

  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Cracking up about the syringe! Actually I do understand that one..I use syringes for handfeeding baby parrots. A banana and mayo sandwich...uuhhhh, I think I'll take a pass on that one;-)

    Can't remember anything strange showing up in my school lunches. Just the usual fare. But I enjoyed your entry.


  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    My mom once included a serrated steak knife and apple with my lunch, thinking I could enjoy freshly cut apple at school.
    A (mean) girl saw it and ran to the office where she announced "Hilary Mc Bride brought a KNIFE to school!"

    I was tracked down and immediately separated from the others.
    There were a lot of bewildered tears.
    I wasn't punished, beyond a great deal of emotional upset, but jeez.

  4. I assume you shivved the (mean) girl afterwards during recess.

  5. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Hey - maybe the banana-mayo thing is a Virginia thing - My mom introduced me to that combo too and it's still a favorite of mine. -

  6. Plausible and probable.