Friday, June 03, 2005

Dirty White Man

I've got another story about a different celebrity who called our neck of the woods home:

One evening I was watching a Burned-Out-Middle-Aged-Hippie / Ol' Time String Music / Calypso band play (yes, it's possible) at Miller's, my high school hangout. Between songs the singer announced, "I'd like to introduce a special guest, 'The Dirty White Man'". One of the band members went to the back of the bar and slowly led Sam Shepherd, blind-drunk and incapable of walking by himself, up to the stage. They situated him behind the bongos and then played. He was very good.*

* I later learned that S.S. had been a drummer in his early years, including a stint with the weirdo sixties band, The Holy Modal Rounders (their song, "If You Want To Be A Bird", was on the Easy Rider soundtrack). Still, in the state he was in it was remarkable that he could do anything other than pass out and drool.

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