Thursday, June 02, 2005

Float Like a Butterfly

The part of central Virginia where I grew up was home to several retired celebrities. Among them was Mohammad Ali. He had a farm in Nelson County, not far from ours, and although I never saw him in person, I did hear the following story about him, related to me by a supposed eyewitness to the events:

Mohammad Ali was visiting a local school. While he was talking to the children (about what I don't know - this was well into his brain damaged years) he slowly levitated up a couple of inches off the ground and remained floating for the duration of his talk. When he was done he slowly floated back to the ground. The witness swore this was true. She swore that not only had she seen it but numerous other people had seen it, and they all agreed on exactly what happened.

The story also had an associated theory explaining how this was possible. The theory? Mohammad Ali was so brain damaged that he was no longer aware of the laws of physics and was, therefore, no longer constrained by them.

Do you have any weird celebrity stories?

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