Monday, June 06, 2005


Billy gave me another present recently, this beautiful old electric ice crusher (he both shares and enables my obsession with old things). False modesty aside, my Old Fashioneds used to be good, but now they're perfect. Mmm. And I can't wait to make some Mint Juleps.

Thanks again, Billy.


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Why I thought you had always had that thing, it seems so right for you. I can imagine you taking it with you back and fourth every day to elementary school, with the little cord dragging behind you on the ground...

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    ....and this is a lovely illustration!

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Nice gift! Enjoyed the illustration. Do you remember those metal ice cube trays with the handle at the top? They were out about the same time as your ice crusher. You used to have to lift it and push it down to break the ice cubes. My husband and I were just talking about those the other day. I forgot about these ice crushers too.