Wednesday, June 29, 2005


There's a word on my mind right now. The word is:
It means:
mildly sick
not quite sick but not quite well
I don't know if I'm spelling it correctly or even if it has a proper spelling (Google reveals nothing). I picked it up from my aunt, and I'm guessing she learned it from Ga-ga, their housekeeper-nanny-cook back in the day. I'm also guessing that the etymology is African. Annou, any corrections or additions?

It's on my mind right now, because I am kagu right now. Oh, joy. Flowers and bon-bons are welcome.


Annou has three pieces of information to relate:
  1. She would spell the word "cagou" though she can't be sure.
  2. She expects that its origin is not African but French or Spanish. It was widely used by white Creoles.
  3. Ga's description should include the term "saint", because, as she says, "that was the most conspicuous thing about her".

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