Friday, June 03, 2005


I'm stealing a story from Sarah:*

Sarah studied drama at an arts high school in Miami. Once she and several classmates were attending a thespian conference in Tampa. It happened that Miles Davis was playing in town and was staying in the same hotel. One day, Sarah and her friends were riding in the hotel elevator when Miles (looking utterly freakish) and his entourage entered. He turned to Sarah's friend, Carla**, and rasped, "What're you all kids here for?". Carla responded, "We're here for a thespian conference." Miles hissed back, "Don't say 'thespian'. Sounds too much like 'lesbian'." They obeyed.

* This is legal under the Blogging Bylaws' "Bloggers may steal stories from non-blogging spouses, family, friends, and associates" provision.

** The prettiest and also the only black girl in the group, who later became a Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

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