Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Maps I Would Like to See

I like maps. Here are two I would like to see:

The Crack-Baggy Map:
A color-coded, block-by-block map of my city indicating the average number of crack-baggies seen on the sidewalk when making one full circuit of the block. Some neighborhoods would have zero, some hotspots would be littered with them, and large portions of the city would be somewhere in between.

The Fat / Skinny / Rich / Poor Map:
A world map dividing the world into regions where obesity is a sign of wealth and where obesity is a sign of poverty.*

What maps would you like to see?

* This is not unlike a very funny New Yorker cartoon from a few years ago. It was a map of the United States. The entire country was labeled "Too Fat" with the exception of two tiny specks, New York and Los Angeles, which were labeled "Too Skinny".

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