Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nature or Nurture?

Ahh! The sights and sounds of South Beach, rich, colorful, and diverse, an international potpourri of excitement and culture - and an abundant source of bloggy-fodder. Oh, and speaking of "abundant", this was one of the sights we saw:

Damn! Sometimes there's such a thing as too much ass! It was exceptional, eliciting lots of covert gawking from Sarah and myself. The butt was not just big. It was startlingly large when compared to the woman’s otherwise petite frame, and it jutted out to the sides in the most remarkable way.

It also sparked the following debate. Is it natural or man made? In other words, is it simply the far upper end of the natural-butt-bell-curve or did the woman have butt implants?* I argued for the former. Sarah adamantly insisted on the latter.

The arguments essentially break down as follows, each starting from the same facts but arriving at directly opposite conclusions.

My argument:
The butt is so exceptionally disproportionate that no one would voluntarily choose it, and, therefore, it must be natural.
Sarah’s argument:
The butt is so exceptionally disproportionate that nature could not possibly produce it, and, therefore, it must be implants.
We still haven’t arrived at a conclusion, and I can think of no other criteria to help break this stalemate. Suggestions?

* In her argument, Sarah is referencing one of my own pet bits of trivia. Several years ago I read an article about plastic surgery trends in South America which said that the most common procedures in Brazil are butt implants and breast reductions, the exact inverse of the United States. I’ve mentioned it on various occasions, and now she’s turning it against me. Damn ungrateful factoids!


  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    did she look like she had money? was she cute? how old was she?

  2. I second kphiker's question. Follow the money.

  3. Cute? Reasonably so.

    Age? Thirty-something-ish.

    Money? That's a tough one. When assessing the wealth of strangers in public the principal clues are clothing, but this becomes tricky when there is so little of it. In general the demographics of those frolicking on South Beach run towards the reasonably well off although this is not an absolute rule. So, hmm, I'd say at least comforably middle class. Beyond that I do not know.

  4. Well, typically, the less clothing there is, the more one paid for it...

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I can give a little bit more information. She and her mate were visiting from elswhere (hotel towels and not much else, although both of them did rub down with suntan oil) and he was heavily mustachioed in a way that confirmed he and his lovely lady were foreign and I'm guessing latin. This type of woman does not aim to be "cute", more like "sexy".

  6. Maybe it's implants gone wrong? Like she sat down too soon after surgery...

  7. That thought actually had occurred to me, not unlike breast implants which go slipping away from their intended locations. If they were implants, they had scooted straight sideways.