Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The People Project

I'm collecting people. I used to collect real people, but that caused trouble with the law ("It put's the Tabasco on its body"), so now I'm just collecting drawings of people in my little notebook, which is much simpler. Here's a bunch of them:
Click on a person to see them all big-like.

I'm not particularly concerned with getting an exact likenesses, just the general look with all their quirky little details. Also, I wasn't trying to be humorous, but, for whatever reason, they make me laugh anyway. People are just funny.

If I'm not feeling lazy, I'll post more in the future.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    These are wonderful. Please do more!

    The guy in the top left square on the right hand side, with the big glasses has a real William M. Gaines thang going on.

  2. I think these are great. Can I ask how you go about doing them? The fact that they are all from the front perspective suggests that they're not done anonymously from real life, so are they people you know, or are they taken from photos etc? I love drawing people (and have posted a few to my blog, if you fancy a look), but I nearly always draw from photos.

  3. You're right, Patricia, he does. And as far as how I do them, it's all a bit sneaky. In general, they're done from memory shortly after seeing the folks. Again, I'm not really too concerned with getting a precise likeness of the individual. It's more about trying to capture the full range and diversity of people in general. Real people have a lot more quirks and idiosyncracies than anything I could imagine on my own.

  4. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Hey there
    I'm glad the Goddess made creative arty types like you Slimbolala, because you make my eyes sated with great things to look at and I can't draw like you so I like them even more. A natural talent and/or learned one?
    Love it
    Lise :^)