Monday, June 27, 2005

Shocking Exposé! Shirt Lady Revealed!

I mean, um, the contents of her shirt revealed... I mean, um, er, no... oh, you know what I mean! The drunk monkey awoke, and the results are in. What did her shirt say?

I talk to microwaves.
So there you have it. She talks to microwaves. Need a visual?

Life is grand, ain't it?

But you know, there is a dark side to this whole affair. While we're here chuckling at our desks, somewhere out there is a child for whom this is their grandmother. Think about that for a second.


Ok. Now we can start laughing again. And speaking of laughing, you all once again came up with oodles of excellent answers. We got a number of very good takes on the "crazy" theme. There was also an entire category of response, the "titty" joke, which simply hadn't occurred to me (why, I don't know - this is exactly the sort of joke my lewd inner twelve year-old loves).

Now, I don't like to play favorites, and you're all winners (in as much as there are any winners since you all technically got it wrong and are therefore actually all losers), but I do feel the need to mention a couple of my personal favorites. First,

The Award for the Answer Which Most Strongly Appealed to My Lewd Inner Twelve Year-Old:

"Got Milk?" by Wes.
[clap clap clap] Well done! Well done!

and The Award for the Most Accurate (in my Not Particularly Valuable Opinion):

"Medications Have Not Diminished My Sense of Humor" by R J Keefe
[clap clap clap clap] Bravo! Speech! Speech! Speech!

Ok. You can expect your medals for Supreme Slimbological Sleuthiness to arrive in the mail within 6-8 weeks.

Now, if you're anticipating some insightful analysis as to why this is what her shirt said, I apologize because I have none. Do you?


  1. I have no idea either, but I'm betting the professor in your above drawing would like to weigh in...

  2. Perhaps that's just the start of the sentence, and the second half was on the part of the shirt that she cut off to bare her midriff. "I talk to microwaves ... but all I get is static"; "... but they never listen"; "... and all I got was this stupid T-shirt"...

    Thanks, inner 12-year-old (and drunken monkey), for the props. To steal the lyric-- I wish that I knew all I know now when I was younger... would have kept me tittering for days on end.