Friday, July 08, 2005

Best Name for a Hypothetical Latin / Gypsy Jazz / Indie Rock Band

Are you ready? Are you psyched? 'Cause here it comes:
¡Hola! Django
Get it? Get it? No? You're too old. Or I'm too unfunny. Or both.

Probably both. Good night.


  1. I hope that you'll explain. Even though I don't get it, it sounds like a great name for any band - although wouldn't the second exclamation mark follow "Django"?

    Seeking Enlightenment in Gotham

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    It works, too, in this regard: doesn't the name (spelled a'l'englaise) "Stefan Grapelli" sound like a sullen, elbow-torn-ochre-sweater wearing, bean-and-rice eating, messy haired bandmate who plays several string instruments and who, in his latest Free Alternative Weekly interview claims to have recently begun "experimenting with the violin."?

    Blue d'or?

  3. It's a three part joke (although, I will note that, in this case, the whole is probably less than the sum of the parts):

    1. ¡Hola! - Spanish for hello, hence the "Latin". This was the easy part.

    2. Django - That is to say Django Reinhardt, famed "Gypsy Jazz" musician. A little more challenging.

    3. Hola Django - rhymes with Yo La Tengo, the well known "Indie Rock" band (at least "well known" amongst greasy twenty-to-thirty-somethings). The element voted Most Likely to Lose People.


    a. Yes, I was entirely unsure how to exclaim in Spanish. I would have asked one of my various Latinate associates, but it was late in the evening (the low barometric pressure was making me jumpy), and I doubt they would have appreciated the phone call.

    b. Alex, precisely right about the Stefan Grapelli! Couldn't be righter - ochre, beans, Weekly and all.

  4. Sounds like a "whole lotta jango" to me.