Saturday, July 16, 2005

Drunk People Are Funny

People in bars are just like regular people except they're drunk. And that makes them even easier and more entertaining to eavesdrop on than usual. Take last night, for example.

There was humor:
"I'm not crazy. Mmm. [squeezes sides - sticks out tongue] I'm a tube of toothpaste. Mmm. [squeezes sides - sticks out tongue]"
"Shut the fuck up, Frodo!"
observations on the human condition:
"All short people look the same."
tall tales:
"... four bunghole chicks in a paper bag..."
and wisdom:
"Real life is trippier than any drug you'll ever take."
So true, my friend. So true. The night life... ain't no good life... but it's my life.*

* Well, not really, but it's fun to visit.

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