Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Enlighten Me

Can somebody fill me in on those "office sweats" that ladies of a certain age sometimes wear to work? You must know what I'm talking about: those cheerfully colored, matching, knit-cotton-sumthin'-sumthin', two piece outfits dressed up with a comfortable but professional pair of shoes and maybe a nice necklace. You know.

They look comfortable. If I knew what to ask for I might get myself a set.


  1. Uh, can you provide an illustration?


  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Are you talking about the ones with the stirrup pants? I have never understood the necessity for stirrup pants, and they don't look very comfortable.

  3. The particular ones I'm thinking of don't have stirrups although they're in that general vicinity. And come on, Alex. Do stirrup pants really need a justification? I mean any justification other than being incredibly "hawt"?

    Hmm. An illustration isn't such a bad idea. I'll have a chat with Apathy and see what he (she?) says.

  4. Aaaahhh...the granny suits (please insert a more suitable name). And they must *MUST* include some illustrated iron-on, preferably of a cheery looking barn yard animal.

    My grandmother wears them (although I think it's ok for her).

    My mother wears them.

    I cringe at the next "logical" step in that sequence. And when I do shop with my mom, she will inevitably point out how cute I would look one.


  5. Oh, thank God somebody knows what I'm talking about. See, World! I'm not crazy! I'm sane! Sane! SANE!!!

    Or something like that...

    And "granny suit" works pretty well. Maybe they'll be the next "it" thing among ironic twenty-something hipsters. Even more tongue in cheek than a skanky little moustache.

  6. ermmmm....

    And speaking of mustaches...is it totally weird that I laughed and thought of you when I saw this?


    Sorry about the long link thing.

  7. Um, gosh, no. I'm honored to be associated in your mind with funky moustaches and pro-moustache attire.

    Let me state for the record, though, that I will never, ever have one.

  8. Sexy stuff. Try Dress Barn and Fashion Bug--good places to start.

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