Thursday, July 28, 2005

"So a Beatnik Walks Into a Diner..."

While were on the subject of jokes, I just realized that my daughter's freshly minted cop-doughnut joke closely echoes my favorite (and, er, only) beatnik joke:
A beatnik walks into a diner:
Beatnik: Hey, lady, can I have a slice of apple pie?
Waitress: The apple pie is gone.
Beatnik: Dig it! Give me two slices!
I read it in a Zippy the Pinhead comic the better part of two decades ago, and I think it took me about a day and a half before I finally got it (until that moment I wasn't actually sure there was anything to get - I just assumed it was some sort of Dada, surrealist koan). Only because I had just gone through my Jack Kerouac stage did I ever get it at all.

I'm curious. Do you get it? Don't worry if you don't. The explanation will be revealed at some appropriately groovy and un-premeditated moment.


  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    oh dadio, i'm hip -- i dig your jive -- it's cool, man -- let's drink some joe -- and every place else is just dullsville ...

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I get it.

  3. "Appropriately groovy"?

    Isn't that, like, an oxymoron, cat? Wow, my wig is flipping cascades of scintillant sparks into the grinding heart of the Machine forever unto the day, daddy-o. Solid.

  4. that sends me, cat. like, endsville.