Thursday, July 21, 2005

"So a Cop Walks into a Doughnut Shop..."

My daughter has independently reinvented the cop-doughnut joke:
"Papa, do you want to hear a joke?"


"What if a police officer went to a doughnut store and bought two doughnuts?"

"That's pretty funny."*
I'm fairly certain she's never actually heard a cop-doughnut joke. Of course, like many children, she's interested in policemen, and the subject of doughnuts comes up often enough (Doughnut Fridays is pretty much the only part of my job she understands). But the random combination of the two?

This can only be explained by the collective unconscious.

* Ok, so it wasn't actually funny in a straightforward jokey-joke way, but it was still funny. More of a meta-joke.


  1. And a funny meta-joke at that.

    I laughed.

    She seems to come by it naturally.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes... I must confess thtat I didn't get it at first.

  3. Wait, I still don't get it. Do you?

  4. I get it, whoever heard of a cop buying donuts? but what is the original joke?