Monday, August 15, 2005

From the "My Daughter Talks Like Kaspar Hauser"* File

Number Two Daughter is suddenly showing an invigorated interest in language. She has thrown herself headfirst into the brave new world of talking, with words and phrases appearing almost daily. She has also become an enthusiastic consumer of books, her favorite at the moment being the timeless classic, Go, Dog. Go!

And she has managed to combine these two linguistic passions into one exciting activity, clutching her beloved Go, Dog. Go! to her chest, toddling around the house, furrowing her brow, and chanting it's title over and over. But, since her verbal skills don't yet match her enthusiasm, the end result is a guttural "guh duh guh! guh duh guh!" It's very funny.

Oh, yeah. And she's started growling like a lion. It's also very funny.


* Wikipedia - Kaspar Hauser.


  1. Your ability to relate your newly verbal daughter to Kaspar Hauser is truly inspiring. This is a rare blog indeed.

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Kaspar Hauser.... what a great reference.

  3. Thanks.

    And just think of the linguistic strides she'll make once we actually let her out of her tiny chamber and allow contact with other human beings.