Friday, August 19, 2005

Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here!

You all get to see plenty of photos of the ladies in my life but never all of us together. This just came in the mail today (thanks, Mary!). It was taken at the wedding of our friend (and the gals' daycare teacher), Sarah Jane. I like it. I'm posting it.


  1. Great photo! (sans 'stache of course. I'm sorry, the box has been opened...)

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    You're Welcome! i particularly like to one of louise and the butt. . i guess its ( the butt) yours,david. xomt

  3. Anonymous11:49 PM

    how very interesting to finally see the real you.

  4. Anonymous3:16 PM

    What a great pic. I like it, too!

    But I'd still like to see one of you without the shades...

  5. Your wish is my command.