Sunday, August 07, 2005

If You Were a Beverage What Would You Be?

Last night the conversation, for whatever reason, turned to the question, "if you were a beverage what would you be?" Among the other participants there was a high-end, chilled vodka, a Jack and Coke, and two undecideds*. We were also able to identify two (non-present) acquaintances as milk and Malibu coconut-flavored rum respectively (I must confess that neither of these were intended as compliments). Initially, I couldn't decide what I was. We discussed it for a while. Then Chilled Vodka said, "Oh, you're coffee", and we all felt silly for not having thought of it immediately. I am unquestionably, undeniably coffee.

What are you?

* Sarah flatly rejected the suggestion that she was "sparkling water".


  1. I'll be tea. One notes that I can be rather bitter when I don't get some sugar. Maybe Earl Gray tea, because I'm a bit oily.

  2. I'd be PJ's Viennese iced coffee with skim milk and cinnamon.

  3. Well, I am a pot of Community dark roast, just a little sugar and slim milk; but I aspire to be a CC's grande iced mocha, no whip, someday.

  4. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I am a Campari and soda who aspires to be sparkling water.

    Hear me roar.

  5. Interesting. Subsequent comments have made it clear to me that simply saying I'm "coffee" is insufficiently precise.

    I'm "black coffee, no sugar, no cream", dark roast, strongly brewed.

  6. Coke and rum (but if we are getting specific, I have to say I like the Captain).

    That's it. Completely predictable...but never disappointing.


  7. I think I've already bored everybody on this point, but perhaps not here: I'm a Moist Martini. A three-to-one gin martini with an olive. It doesn't matter who made the gin, but I'll drink only Noilly Prat vermouth.

  8. You certainly haven't bored us, but if you will recall, martinis were how we made our web acquaintance.

  9. high end whiskey on the rocks.
    Commonly exotic
    Amber, slightly smokey, and strong
    trying to hide behind transparent cubes

  10. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Because I am a dilettante, Irish Coffee.
    Because I am a picky dilettante, an Irish Coffee made correctly:
    A proper Irish Coffee glass, not a mug-like thing.
    Dark coffee.
    Two cubes of sugar.
    Frothed cream, not Reddy-Whip.
    So that I am jumpy, mellow, sweet, and fat up top--all in precise and perfect proportion.

    And Beth wonders, "Hasn't it been determined that Sarah would be a hot toddy?"
    Har har har.

  11. The Hot Toddy, of course! How could I forget? Warm, yummy, and full of bourbon (I kid because I love - about the bourbon part, that is).