Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"I'm Sorry. Can You Repeat That?"

This morning I had a twenty minute phone conversation with a coworker. It was filled with lots of technical jargon, but this did not present a problem. What was a problem was my coworker's profoundly thick accent. The conversation went a little something like this:
"ush ush ush ush second IP ush ush ush ush NIC ush ush ush ush ush ush ush ush. Yes?"

"Um. I think so."

"ush ush ush ush dual NIC ush ush ush ush virtual IP ush ush ush ush."

"Right... I... think so. I'm sorry. Can you repeat that?"

"ush ush ush ush dual NIC ush ush ush ush..."
Et cetera. I think we eventually arrived at some sort of agreement, but I'm really not sure.


  1. Back in the day (ie, 5 years ago), I was a receptionist at this computer company, and one of the engineers had an incredibly thick accent. He'd always walk up to me and (I assume) ask me to do something for him or relay a message (and unlike you, I did have problems with the technical jargon).

    I ended up (tackfully of course) asking him to email me. But then his spelling wasn't so good.

    My husband and I still laugh (aka- make fun) about that. We're awful people really.

  2. It's ok. Awful people are the best kind. Except for the genuinely awful ones. They kind of suck.

  3. I had that same conversation with my husband this morning.

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