Monday, August 22, 2005

Less Funny-Ha-Ha. More Funny-Awful.

Yesterday morning I took Louise to the zoo while the other ladies napped. It was early in the morning and there weren't many people there. After traipsing around for a while, working up a sweat, we decided to retreat to the nearly pitch-black, highly air-conditioned reptile exhibit for a break. As we were meandering along looking at primeval, scaly creatures a nearby father began chatting with me. He had two girls about the ages of mine, and he started with the usual stuff: names, ages, pre-schools, etc. The kids were standing nearby. Then, out of the blue:

Him: Yeah, uh, my wife is divorcing me. She just dropped the kids off this morning.

Me: Oh... I'm sorry.

Him: Yeah, she's cheating on me. She doesn't know that I know... I don't know why I need to tell people that, but I do. [laughs nervously]

Me: Wow, that's rough.

Him: Yeah, so hold on to what you've got. [more nervous laughter]

Me: O.K. I will.

[uncomfortable silence]

Me: Well, good luck with that.

We parted company. Louise and I moved through the remainder of the exhibit at brisk clip before heading out into the blazing summer sun.


  1. Guess you signed up to provide the comfort of strangers.

  2. Sometimes it just gotta come out! As a guy myself, I know that it bubbles up inside you and just has to come out, but you don't want to bother/hurt/confide in a spouse or close friend. A stranger is easier to talk to than a friend. Men, by and large, have a problem with that....possibly if he had been able to talk with his wife he would probably not be getting divorced.

  3. The zoo is full of freaks. Speaking as someone who used to work there, you never know who you'll meet there over the summer. I had to call security one time to get these evangelical ladies out of the major fountain in the zoo... They didn't say many Christian words to me. I guess they save that for church.

  4. I agree wth Stag. You did a good thing at very little cost to you.