Monday, August 22, 2005

Speaking of Mustaches...

And speaking of "funny-awful"...

I once sat next to a person at a dinner party who had a booger in their mustache for the entire meal. It was quite upsetting. What made it even more upsetting was that the Bearer of the Booger-stache was a woman.

I don't think I'll be adding "Booger-'Stache Friday" to our list.

Note: Sorry, it's an ugly day on Slimbolala, but the "evil voices" made me do it. I'm going to Hell. See ya there.


  1. I guess I'll join you because I laughed.

    I'd also add this to your list of reasons not to have a mustache. Although...since it was a woman, maybe I should add it to mine.

    God. I hope I never get a mustache.

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  3. Sorry. I really didn't mean to post twice. Er...three times.

    But while I'm here, again, I'd like to pose a question...why do I always comment on the mustaches?

  4. Because you're a mustache obsessed freak, obviously. And now you're now spreading your bizarre fetish to others like some sort of contagious disease. Shame on you.

    Maybe there should be some sort of Mustache-Mania Quarantine.

  5. OK. Consider me quarantined from commenting on all mustache or facial hair related posts...until further notice.

    But, I do think we have to consider the beginning source of all the madness.

    Any ideas? huh? HUH?

  6. Actually, I've kind of lost track of how all of this started. Oh, wait it was granny-suits replacing ironic hipster mustaches. But you know, we've been discussing mustaches and other facial hair since the very early days of Slimbolala, perhaps even prior to your tenure here:

    Beards I Work With

  7. So in other words, let the Mustache Madness continue.