Friday, August 12, 2005


As Sarah returns for more skoolin' our household has made a quantum technological leap forward. From millenial, Luddite neanderthals we have suddenly transformed into mid-Oughts, bleeding-edge chic-geeks: high speed, wireless, iBooks. If we were a commercial, the soundtrack would be European Techno.

Most of the improvements have been pragmatic and educational in nature. The one bit of frivolity, though, has been the purchase of a new iPod which came in the mail yesterday. This is all very exciting. However, as of yet we don't actually have the computer to feed the iPod, and blah, blah, blah. The upshot is that, for the moment, the iPod has no music. So, the iPod has no purpose. Right?

Wrong. Certainly the ability to store and play a massive array of songs is a nice feature, but let's be honest. What's it's real purpose? Status. Status. Status. Oh, yeah - distinctive white ear buds in place, walking down the street, head bopping to über-groovy tunes (real or imagined - it doesn't matter) - we are in the cool club. And you, my iPod-less friends, are in the drool club.

Don't worry, though. We can still hang out sometimes. Just not when any of our new iPod friends are around.


  1. Man...being a mid-Ought, bleeding-edge chic-geek sure sounds like fun.

    You know, when I got mine, I was told that I now had "cache". I don't know what the hell that means, but I assume it's more than that I have a cool place to hide or conceal my music.

    Who knows.

    But guys now have "cache" too! Wear the white earbuds loudly and proudly.

  2. Sadly, in NYC, the cache of white earbuds makes you a target for theft as ipods have contributed to a rise in crime on the subway.

    But I love my ipod (now that it works!) and hope you will too!

  3. I've always thought that it would be cheaper to buy the white earpods and plug them into the $20 Radio Shack walkman concealed in the large front unipocket of your athletic sweatshirt. Sadly, my geek tendencies and disposable income won out, and I ended up with the 'Pod and without the unipocket.

    You'll now be admitted onto the London underground, should you ever need to be. I do believe they're required.

  4. Again, accepting that listening to music is really entirely incidental, why even bother with the walkman? Save the $20 and just buy the earphones. Tuck the loose end into your pocket and who's the wiser?