Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Things I Forgot to Mention About Things I Like About Summer In New Orleans

The list goes on:
  • Drinking really cold iced coffee on a really hot day.
  • Drinking really hot coffee on a really hot day (yeah, you're weird too - get off my back).
  • The rotting, sweet smell that pervades parts of Uptown on certain nights. I've heard several explanations for this. My favorite, and also the most plausible, is that it's sugar cane rotting in barges docked on the Mississippi.
  • Still more Hansen's. "Cream of Coconut". As June would say, "yuuwwmm-eeeeee".


  1. I love the tart flavors at Hansen's as well. The lemonade is divine.

    I also like buying watermelons off trucks.

    And the smell of the Audubon Zoo during summertime.

  2. Ah, yes. When I can actually manage to pull myself away from the cream flavors, a Lemonade / Mint combo is exceptionally lovely and refreshing.

  3. And I agree about the zoo. I love the smell of warm monkey feces in the morning.

  4. It's true. The zoo has the best earthy smell in the world. I had great times working there. You should be sure to sign your daughters up for indentured servitude, I mean, volunteering when they're old enough!

  5. Not a bad idea. I find it utterly adorable seeing some gawky 12 year old earnestly explaining the key characteristics and behaviors of the Western Hognose Snake.

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I once was lost... until Mr. Slimbolala taught me the Tart Lemonade/Spearmint combination.

  7. I love me some Hansen's - Cream of Ice Cream! mmmmm, 'ChopA2Lus!!'