Friday, August 19, 2005

Things I Like About Summer in New Orleans

  1. The hot, white haze of early morning when the sun is still low.
  2. Driving with the windows down and the air-conditioning blasting.
  3. The moment when decorum is abandoned and you just sweat.
  4. The tremendous clouds.
  5. The storms.
  6. The steaming, funky smell of earth after it rains in the afternoon.
  7. The pool.
  8. Hansen's Sno-Bliz.
  9. Warm evenings with everyone out on the street.
  10. Things are slow.
  11. Things are quiet.
  12. It (eventually) ends.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Having spent a grand total of four early-September days in New Orleans, I still half-wonder how anybody lives there--how seemingly so very few people ever say, "let's move to someplace even slightly less hot and humid. Like St. Louis. Or Venus." I have never been anywhere near as sweaty--continuously--as those four days.

    Half-wonder because I ate some of the food there, and everybody I met was so darned pleasant, and yeah, there is something delicious about gettin' a real good sweat on, at two in the mornin', just settin' and drankin'.

  2. I go away for a few days, come back, and find the world is upside I really see a mustache on you?

    Sorry I can't comment about things I love (or you love really) about summer in New Orleans. I can tell you what I like about all four seasons in Orlando though: air conditioning.

    That's it.

    Nice 'stache.

  3. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Although I too am definately OUT in this round of the glad game, I do appreciate the beautiful, poetic list!

    Actually if there's a brass band playing (day or night), then it is suddenly...

  4. Ooh, somebody did catch the 'stache!

  5. Oh, and hhowell, "wife" of "John" (that sounds very Old Testament), if you don't like the summers down here, why don't you move up north to some place like Boston. Oh, wait. You are. Now I'm going to cry.

  6. And, Traci, I should add that I'm specifically glad that you, in particular, caught the 'stache. If only it was animated...

  7. No, it does not end, ever - Gulf Coast summer. Even in January, Houston is uncomfortable.

    I used to cry out, "I like to be spanked!" But it didn't work.

  8. if only....(although just seeing it sitting there made me laugh out loud. So maybe that's enough).

  9. Hansen's SnoBlitz should be #1.

    Also, I love hearing calliope sounds from the paddlewheel boats from all the way up in the Canal Place parking lot.

    Another good one is any night that you end up sitting on the sea wall at Lake Pontchartrain.

    And as for how people survive down there? All we do is drink our Kentwood water along with buckets of iced tea, iced coffee, snoballs, and booze.

  10. Agreed about Hansen's. I didn't actually mean to imply an ordering. In fact I don't even think I meant for my list to have numbers. Oh, well. Hansen's - #1 - 4ever!