Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Via Con Dios, You Lovely Weirdos

Alas, "Hilary" and "John" are flying our Gulf Coast coop and moving to Beantown*. There they will pursue further studies in "Artsy Art" and "Artsy Robots of Death and Destruction"** respectively. The state of Mississippi is now an even sorrier place than it was before. We will miss them.

At least we can still be neighbors in Slimboville.

* Make sure to catch their new reality show , Cracker Packers Go to Town, this fall on Fox.

** Or something like that. We're actually a little confused.


  1. Cool (for them I mean).

    What kind of "artsy art"? Or is the "artsy art" part of the "artsy robots"?

    Now I'm confused.

  2. Her: Master's in Fancy Art.

    Him: We really don't know. He's doing something in that underground bunker of his, but he won't tell us what it is.