Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Yo, That Traffic Is Mad Crazy!"

Flipping around the radio dial, recently, I settled on the hip hop station and heard the traffic being delivered over a heavy beat:
boom-boom-chak chak-a boom-boom-chak "... traffic moving smoothly to the Westbank..." boom-boom-chak chak-a boom-boom-chak "...heavy delays at the Highrise..." boom-boom-chak chak-a boom-boom-chak "... an accident at North Claiborne and Elysian Fields..." boom-boom-chak chak-a boom-boom-chak...
The announcer, though, was just a regular, middle-aged, white traffic guy. The contrast was very funny.

Do you think he practices? Does he go home at night, drop in some fresh beats, and do a little traffic freestyle? Does he dress up? Does he talk trash about other traffic announcers ("Ain't nothin' but wack traffic MCs / Can't nobody announce the traffic like me")?

I like to think so.

Even if I doubt it.


  1. That would be very cool. I think the whole traffic reporting profession would be much enriched by the challenge of freestyle.

  2. This is why I love New Orleans. Crazy, stupid stuff like that. Awww, I miss home.