Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Round, Please

Ah, yes. Another day in Austin. Taking the kids to school. Running errands. Oh, yeah, and preparing for another hurricane. Ridiculous.

It could be worse though. Our friends who evacuated to Houston are having to evacuate all over again. Blech!


  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    You sound like one remarkable chap, and your whole dear posse sounds amazing too. I can't believe how well you're keeping spirits up. We're sure rooting for you here up North!

    Thanks for taking the time to let all of us e-folks know how you're doing. It cannot be an easy time. [Understatement of the year alert]

  2. Maybe Rita's after your mustache. You're just taunting her with those photos.

    Stay safe.

  3. Anonymous10:03 PM

    We just spent 10 hours and half a tank of gas getting just 80 miles from my sister's house in The Woodlands. Then we used the rest of the tank to turn around and get back "home". (We've been here 3 1/2 weeks). It was a mess - hopefully Rita is Houston's Ivan and they figure out their evacuation plan before the next bigone. The roads were basically parking lots, the parking lots were campgrounds and there we were in the woodie wagon with our new camper top, baby in a sling, kitty cat drunk with heat, feeling like the Joads. Bless us everyone.

  4. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Are you saying "another round, please" or are you saying "another round, paleez"?

    I like the idea that, so drunk on disaster and lacking in judgment, that you want another round. I assume that is not what you mean.


  5. I have yet to see anybody remark that the evacuation of the nation's fourth largest city might run up against some roadblocks.

    My sister has evacuated from Port Lavaca to Austin. When I heard that, I thought, oh, Slimbo's town.

  6. Francine, oh god, I'm sorry. What a nightmare. Well hopefully the easterly jog it has taken will give the Houston area a break.

    Billy, that was what I meant, but I didn't really mean it.