Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Compendium of My Ridiculously Obsessive Rules of Attire (the Refugee Remix)

Due to recent changes in circumstances, the list requires an update.

Wandering the face of the earth:
  • One of three black, size-medium, one pocket t-shirts.
  • Optionally (in cooler weather): my one vaguely retro, short sleeve shirt.
  • Pants or shorts (depending on climate).
    • Pants:
      - My one pair of Levi's 501s, dark blue.
    • Shorts:
      - My one pair of vaguely retro, plaid shorts OR
      - My one pair of Dickies plain-front, khaki shorts.
  • Plain, brown, leather belt.
  • One of three pairs of grey socks.
  • My one pair of black, lowtop (increasingly funky) Chuck Taylors.
  • Dax Wave and Groom (just because I'm a refugee doesn't mean I have to let my hair go all to hell - although it is getting kind of shaggy).
  • $9 wire-rimmed, rectangular aviators from Rite-Aid (it's bright in Texas).
So the list is shorter, but that's O.K. I pretty much wore the same thing everyday anyways. Now I just have a good excuse. And I still try to always wear a mustache on Fridays.

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