Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lovely Rita

Although, thankfully, the folks in Houston have been spared, Rita is still causing a big ol' mess. And it's delaying my plans for a trip back into the city, passing directly between Austin, where I am, and New Orleans, where I need to be. The trip will be on again as soon as this all blows over. The sooner the better, I say, because just sitting around here, biding my time, is really starting to work on my nerves.


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I do not mean to sully your blog with my crap but I saw the most horrifying thing on David Duke's website when I was doing some research on the history of racism in Jefferson Parish, in light of the incident on the Cresent City Connection.

    The worst ever:

  2. Oh, god. I want to puke.

  3. I wish that someone would collect the crap that's out there. The prejudice is amazing, and so deeply-rooted that its exponents aren't always aware of their own bigotry.

    I will say, though, that I think we're talking about poorism, which is a mutation of racism that has a few significant differences. That's what Katrina really exposed.